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Four Ways To Keep The Conversation Going After A Diversity And Inclusion Event

If you’re interested in championing diversity and inclusion in your workplace, and helping to bring about the change we need to see in this space, attending a diversity and inclusion event is one of the first steps. These events are invaluable for expanding your knowledge. From meeting like-minded others to learning from a broad range of speakers, you’re sure to come away with a wealth of information. But, it doesn’t just stop at attending the event! To truly make a difference to inclusivity in the workplace, you need to make sure you keep the conversation going and really try to implement what you’ve learned about it. But how do you do it? Read on for four suggestions that will help keep the topic of diversity fresh in your mind, and allow you to share your knowledge with an even wider range of people!

Talk to others in your organisation

Firstly, if you really want to help advance diversity and inclusion in your workplace, you need to start at home! If you’re part of a larger organisation, chances are that only a few of you attended the actual event. So, what better way to share your knowledge than by catching up with your colleagues and talking about the event? Then, you can get together and  brainstorm what you could do to help bring about a change. You never know, talking as a group may bring up even more ideas that you’d not thought about before. And, you can share your knowledge and help the message spread even further in your organisation and beyond, which is always the aim of these events!


Utilise your contacts

When you attend a diversity and inclusion event, you’re sure to make many new like-minded contacts. You’re all there for the same reason after all! As a result, one of the best ways to keep the conversation going is by making sure you keep in touch. Having someone there to talk to about diversity in the workplace is a great idea. You can bounce off of each other, sharing new things you’re doing in your own workplaces. So, you can share your ideas while picking up tips from them, too! Advancing diversity and inclusion is a collective effort. We’re all in it together, so don’t isolate yourself! Stay in touch as much as you can, and keep the conversation going together.

Get social about the diversity and inclusion event!

There’s no doubt that we live in the age of social media. So, the event you attend will probably have plenty of opportunities for you to get social and share the message. Take part in them! Whether it’s using a branded hashtag, retweeting their content, or simply shouting about what you’ve learned, social media is a great way to keep the momentum up. By sharing the message of diversity and inclusion to your social media followers, who knows who you might influence to look into it further themselves? 

Consider having your own event

Every diversity and inclusion event is great. They get a whole bunch of people together to talk about one important topic, and learn about it together. But have you considered your own event? It probably wouldn’t be a full-scale conference, but there are many ways you can share your knowledge about inclusivity in your local community. Perhaps you could get one of the speakers you heard in to talk to the rest of your colleagues? Or, why not invite other local businesses to you to talk and learn about diversity in the workplace? What about collaborating with the organiser of the original event, to bring even more ideas to the table? Even the smallest events can make a big difference, so get planning!

There are plenty of ways to keep the conversation going around diversity and inclusion, this is just the start! Whatever you do, it’s important not to forget about what you learned at the event you attended. Advancing inclusivity and making sure it’s an integral part of all businesses is a collaborative effort. We need your help to keep it going! You may think that you are only making a small impact, but you’d be surprised at what one person can do. If you’ve got any more ideas for keeping the conversation alive, why not share them in the comments of this article? 

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